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Prehistory. Palaeolithic times and the origin of mankind


It is the oldest period in Human History and extends from the appearance of human-like being about five million years ago to the invention of writing , about 3000 years BC.
Prehistory is divided in three big periods
The Palaeolithic  Age ( from palaeo= old and lithic = stone ) extends from our first ancestors to about 10000 BC when agriculture is discovered. In this age people lived outdoor or in caves. People are nomads and used stone tools
The Neolithic Age ( from neo= new and lithic= stone ) began about 10000 years BC with invention of agriculture until the use of metals about 5000 years BC. In this age people started to be sedentary and live in small villages.
The Metal Ages began about 5000 years BC . In this age human beings learned to use metals like copper, bronze or iron.

Pregunta Verdadero-Falso

Answer if they are true or false.

Pregunta 1

Palaeolithic is the second period of Prehistory

Pregunta 2

People were sedentary in the Palaeolithic.

Pregunta 3

Agriculture was invented in the Neolithic .

Pregunta 4

The Metal Ages started about 10000 years BC

Pregunta 5

People were nomad in the Neolithic

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In the next sentences there are grammatical mistakes. Correct them using the gaps

People was sedentary in the Neolithic
People in the Neolithic

Agriculture were invented in the Neolithic

in the Neolithic

The metal Ages begined about 5000 years BC
The about 5000 years BC

The Palaeolithic extend from first hominid to the invention of agriculture.
The Palaeolithic from first to the of agriculture.

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