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Task 2. Gothic architecture

It was the new artistic style that developed in Europe between the late 12th century and the 15th century. The word Gothic for art was initially used as a synonym for “Barbaric”, and was therefore used pejoratively.

It was born in France and it spread all across Europe . It is a religious art like Romanesque art but it also shows the new urban life and the power and wealthy of the nobility and rich bourgeois. However cathedrals were the most important building of he period . Builders wanted bigger and taller cathedrals.

Gotflying buttrsseshic architecture was based on the pointed arch which permitted the construction of ribbed vaults.

The weight of the ribbed vault is supported on the pillars inside the cathedral and on the flying buttresses outside the cathedral. 

The churches had also Latin cross ground plan, but its crossing was at the centre so the apse was bigger than Romanesque churches and was polygonal .

The central nave was much more higher and wider than the side aisles.

The thick walls were no longer necessary and large windows were built. These large windows were made of stained glass with bright colours . There were large rose windows at the façade.

gothic groundplan

Fill in the gaps

Say if the next architectural characteristic are from a Romanesque church or from a Gothic church is both . Write Romanesque , Gothic or Both

a. It has thick walls

b. The central nave was much wider than the side aisles 

c. It has a Latin cross ground plan 

d. It has ribbed vaults 

e. It has a small apse 

f. It has round arches 

g. It has pointed arches 

h. Apses are polygonal 

i. It has flying buttresses 

j. It has barrel vault 

k. There were large windows 

l. It has a big dome  

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Pregunta 1

Gothic churches have very thick walls.

Pregunta 2

There were only rose windows in gothic churches

Pregunta 3

Gothic churches have a different Latin cross ground plan than Romanesque  churches.

Pregunta 4

Windows of Gothic churches were made up of stained glasses

Pregunta 5

The most representative arch of Gothic architecture is the rounded arch.

Pregunta 6

The vaults are only supported by interior pillars.

Pregunta 7

The most important type of vault in a Gothic church is the groined vault.