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Founding a common organization only on the basis of anti-colonialism is to give it a very fragile base. Because the colonial past does not characterize us as much as Africans. That is past, especially when it comes to building our future. This future can only stand in values that are common to all Africans and are at the same time permanent. It is precisely the set of these values to what I call Africanity (Africanness) [...]. They are essentially cultural values [...]. I have always defined Africanity as the complementary symbiosis of the values of Arabism and the values of blackness [...]. This is the time to distinguish three terms that are always mistaken: race, which is a physical community; the people or ethnos, which is a cultural community, and the nation, which is a political community .
L. S. SENGHOR, Fundamentals of Africanity

The current neocolonialism represents imperialism in its final stage [...]. The essence of neo-colonialism is that the state that is subject to it is, in theory, independent and has all the external finery of international sovereignty. In reality, its economic system and, with it, its policy is directed from the outside. The methods and form of this direction can take different aspects. For example, in an extreme case, the troops of imperialist power can occupy the territory of the Neocolonial State and control its government. More often, however, neo-colonial control is exercised through economic or monetary measures. The neocolonial state is obliged to buy the manufactured products of the imperialist power by prohibiting the import of competing products from the country that it is.
K. NKRUMAH, Neocolonialism, last stage of imperialism