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Climate graph analysis. Exercisess

You can do this exercises in order to improve your analysis of climate graph 





Analysis of climate graphs

Analysis of a climate graph. Exemple of Antofagasta

Analysis of Antofagasta climate graph


This is an exemple of an analysis of a climate graph





  1. Temperatures. 


    1. The hottest months are January , February and March and the coldest ones are July and August.
    2. The average temperature is 17 ºC
    3. The temperature range is 7º C
  1. Precipitations
    1. They are very little and are concentrated in winter ( rainy season)
    2. The total amount of precipitation is 17 mm .


  1. Relationship between temperatures and precipitations.
    1. There is a dry season  throughout the year ( all year round)
  1. Type of climate
    1. This is a hot desert climate. It is hot all year round and has a dry season throughout the year.
  1. Conclusion
    1. Vegetation and fauna is adapted to dryness


Landscapes of the world. Corssword

Cold climate. Exercise

Order the words and make sentences.


Polar climate


Tundra climate


Alpine or high mountain climate