Analysis of Upernivik climate graph

Unit 4. Climate graph analysis IES Sáenz de Buruaga Bilingual Section

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The months are , ( 5 ºC) and August ( 5 ºC) and the ones are January ( 21,5 º C) , February ( 23ºC) and March.
The temperature is - 8,5 ºC
The is 28 º C


They are ( than 250 mm per year ) and are concentrated in and ( rainy season from August to November)
The total of precipitation is 234 mm .
Relationship between temperatures and precipitations.

There is no season  because most of the months are 0 ºC

Type of climate

This is a climate, a climate It is very ( under 0ºC) most of the year and has a and precipitations are very little


There are a vegetation ( and little ) and fauna is adapted to cold ( reindeer, caribous, wolves, foxes...)