Jueves, Julio 18, 2024
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Analysis of a climate graph. Eismitte exemple

Analysis of a polar climate.
Polar EF
  1. Temperatures. 
    1. The hottest months are June , July and August and the coldest ones are January, February  and November.
    2. The average temperature is -31 ºC
    3. The temperature range is 35 º C
  1. Precipitations
    1. They are very little and are concentrated in autumn ( rainy season)
    2. The total amount of precipitation is 104 mm .


  1. Relationship between temperatures and precipitations.
    1. There is no dry season  because all month are under 0 ºC 
  1. Type of climate
    1. This is a polar climate, a perpetual ice climate  It is very cold  ( uner 0ºC)all year round and has very little precipitations
  1. Conclusion
    1. There are no vegetation and fauna is adapted to ice ( polar bears, whales, seals and penguins