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Text about Imperialism

The superior races have a right over the inferior races [...] because they also have a duty. The duty to civilize the inferior races [...]. I affirm that the colonial policy of France [...] that has forced us to go [...] to Saigon, to the Cochinchina, [...] to Tunisia, which has dragged us to Madagascar, [...] has been inspired by a truth [...]: that a navy as ours cannot do without, in the extension of the oceans, of solid shelters, of defenses, of refreshment centers [...].

J. FERRY, speech in the Chamber of Deputies, July 1885

Superior Races! Inferior races! It's easy to say. [. . .] I am apart from such an opinion [...]. No, there is no right of the so-called higher nations over the nations called inferiors [...]. The conquest that you [J. Ferry] recommends is the abuse, simple and plain, of the force that gives the scientific civilization over the primitive civilizations to seize the man, to torture it and to squeeze him all the force that it has, for the benefit of a pretended civilizing country [...].

G. CLEMENCEAU, speech in the Chamber of Deputies, July 1885