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Types of rainfall

Types of rainfall


There are three types of rainfall


A. Convectional : this type of rainfall is characteristic of hot climates and summer time:

    1. Sun evaporates water
    2. When water rises , it cools and condenses forming droplets and clouds
    3. When droplets get too cold they fall to the Earth and rain.


  1. Orographic and relief , It is characteristic of mountainous  regions.
  1. Hot and humid air from the sea reaches a mountain
  2. The air raises and gets cool. Clouds are formed and it rains on the windward side of the mountain. 
  3. It doesn´t rain on the other side.


C Frontal



This type happens when a mass of warm air crashes with a mass of cold air . Then hot air raises and get cold . Clouds are formed and it rains.


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